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Most everyone at some point in their lives will have the need to contact a locksmith to get them into a building or vehicle. It’s hard to never once forget one’s key or lock one’s key in the house. For this reason, it’s a good idea to learn a little bit about My Local Locksmith and all the services we offer.


We’re standing by to help you in any sort of lockout or locksmith emergency that you need help with. One of the most important considerations when you need a locksmith is finding a company that will respond right away. You don’t want to spend time being locked out of your vehicle or building and unable to get on with your day. We’ll get you access as soon as possible.


We’re not only standing by for those who have lockout issues to deal with. There are numerous other issues we provide locksmith services for. The following are the main locksmith services we offer to our Southlake area clients.

Lock Installation

Locks are a vital asset in a building because they secure facilities and ensure that intruders cannot enter. If you need to have a lock installed in a business facility or residence, you need to make sure that the installation is done right so that the lock does its job. At My Local Locksmith, we’re happy to provide assistance with any type of lock installation. We’ll help with lock issues regardless of what the of lock you’re planning on working with. We can handle both newer smart locks and older classic lock types like deadbolt locks. You simply need to get in touch with us and we’ll consult with you on the best lock and product for your facility.

House Lockout

A house lockout is extremely convenient. Just about any house lockout has the potential to be an emergency because you need to get in your home quickly. Being stuck out on the street without shelter puts individuals in a bad situation. We are a mobile Southlake emergency locksmith able to help in all sorts of house lockout situations. Regardless of what type of lock is used in your home, we can get you in even if you’re locked out and security in your home is very tight.

Car Lockout

Car lockouts are especially problematic because they don’t necessarily have to happen when your vehicle is at home. They can happen when you’re out and about, and this will leave you stranded. We are a mobile Southlake automotive locksmith who can go out and find you wherever you are when you get locked out of your vehicle. It’s easy for us to understand why a car lockout is a pressing issue and customers want assistance right away. We’ll work quickly to get you in your vehicle and on your way.

Car Key Replacement

Are you wondering who you can turn to for car key replacement services? You don’t have to head to your dealer to get a new key made. In fact, we can help you at My Local Locksmith. We provide mobile Southlake automotive locksmith services that includes key replacement. If you have a spare key, you’re less likely to get locked out of your vehicle. Contact us to have key replacements made today.

Access Control

You need a mobile Southlake commercial locksmith if you are an area business owner and you want to make your commercial facilities more secure. With an access control system, you can be sure that thieves won't be able to break into your company facilities and steal important assets. These days, access control systems can provide you with the greatest possible amount of security and minimize any risks you have to deal with as a business owner when it comes to burglary.

Broken Key Extraction

Unfortunately, older keys are often subject to becoming broken and stuck in keyholes. If this happens on an old lock you're dealing with, it's important to call in professionals to deal with the issue. You don't want to try to extract broken key fragments yourself because it's quite likely that you'll end up doing some damage to your lock. We have the equipment and expertise to help you in this situation.

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Mobile Southlake Residential Locksmith

A mobile Southlake residential locksmith can help you with a variety of different types of issues that could come up regarding your locks and other security system features in your home. If you are locked of your home, we can help. We can also provide valuable assistance if you want to have a security system installed in your home to keep your household safer.

Commercial Locksmith In Southlake

Any business owner needs to know a mobile Southlake commercial locksmith. Getting into your facilities quickly if you should become locked out ensures that you won’t miss out on any business opportunities or lose any customers because of your lockout.

Affordable Southlake Automotive Locksmith

Don’t fret about the costs of getting your car door open if you need to call an auto locksmith. At My Local Locksmith, we offer affordable services that won’t give you any financial problems while dealing with a lockout

Contact Your Local Locksmith in Southlake

For a variety of different types of mobile Southlake emergency locksmith needs, you can count on us. We come out and reach you when you need help. If you have any questions about the variety of services we offer, please let us know. We’ll provide you with all the information you need on our many locksmith services.

Residential Locksmith

My Local Locksmith is proud to serve our community. Our residential services include, but are not limited to; Re-keys, pick-proof lock installation, house lockouts. Our priority is the safety of our community, that is why we offer excellent services at cost effective prices.
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Emergency Locksmith

Getting locked out of your car, home, or workplace can be extremely inconvenient. My Local Locksmith provides emergency services such as home or car lockout. Our technicians are reliable, friendly, and customer service oriented .We offer only the best services at a cost effective price so that you can go about your day as quickly as possible.
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Automotive Locksmith

For many people, a car is one of the biggest investments they will make in their lifetime, other than purchasing a home. That is why My Local Locksmith offers premier locksmith services such as car lockout, new key cuts, and even transponder key programming. We promise to beat dealership prices and service.
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Commercial Locksmith

My Local Locksmith knows that without security investments and businesses could not prosper. That is why we offer our commercial locksmith services. These services include panic bar installation, security systems, buzzer systems, and even access control & CCTV installation.
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Customer satisfaction is guaranteed when working with My Local Locksmith. Our clients love us.

“Levi is a stand up guy! If you’re ever in a situation where you’re in need of a locksmith, he’s definitely your guy!!!”
Joseph G
“We called Levi, he promptly responded and came by and unlocked our our door. He also gave us some student discount.”
Anonymous N

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