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My Local Locksmith is proud to offer the city of flower mound our mobile locksmith services. Our four maain mobile service categories include emergency, automotive, commercial, as well as residential locksmith services. We have you covered for pretty much any situation that you could think of when it comes to your locksmith or security needs. We are a professionally licensed, bonded, and insured company that legally operates within the state of Texas. We take great effort to only hire the most well educated, highly trained, and friendliest technicians in the areas that we provide service to. We have mobile locksmith technicians stationed within flower mound that are always just one phone call away. This way you can be sure that we will respond to your calls in a quick and efficient manner.


If you are looking for a reliable, professional, and affordable locksmith in the Flower Mound area than look no further, you have come to the right place. Regardless of your circumstance, My Local Locksmith has the solution for you. We offer a wide variety of automotive, commercial, residential, and emergency locksmith services. So whether you have just moved into a new home in a wonderful new neighborhood, if you have lost your car keys, or have locked yourself out of your business, you can be sure that My Local Locksmith will be there for you. We love servicing our community and providing reliable locksmith services to as many people as we can, that is why we have expanded our reach to include the city of Flower Mound.


My Local Locksmith should be your one stop shop for all of your commercial locksmith needs. We offer a variety of commercial locksmith services that are all done by fully licensed and properly trained technicians. Some of these commercial locksmith services that we offer include commercial lock installation, push bar installation, commercial door rekey, access control, and much, much more. If you have any questions about any of the services we offer or the pricing structure do not hesitate to give one of our friendly and professional dispatchers a call. They will answer any of the questions you may have or put you in contact with one of our technicians if they themselves do not know the answer.

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Push Bar Installation ​

A Push bar, or a panic bar, is a mechanism which you typically see in emergency exits or the back of restaurants. Push bars can be extremely useful, especially in situations where material constantly needs to be moved in an out of a certain door, because unlike a door lever or door knob, your hands can be completely free when exiting a door that has a push bar installed onto it.

That is why a push bar is a favorite among back doors of restaurants in the flower mound area, so that employees can more easily take out the trash through that door. Push bars typically utilize rim cylinders, but sometimes they can also use mortise locks. Call My Local Locksmith today if you wish to have a push bar installed on your commercial property in Flower Mound.

Flush Bolt Installation

A flush bolt is a mechanism that is typically used on french doors or double commercial doors. Double doors in commercial situations can be extremely useful for a variety of reasons. If you have a door that needs to let a large capacity of people enter or exit it in a short period of time then double doors offer more space for that to happen as they can both open at the same time. The same is true for bringing large objects in and out through double doors.

However, double doors can not lock in the same way that normal doors can. One of the doors would have to be immobile for you to properly lock the double doors, that is when the flush bolt comes into play. It is like a latch that sticks out above and below the one of the doors when properly installed and activated. This would make one of the doors act like a frame on a normal door and then a latch can connect the two doors together to properly lock the doors.

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